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Horses for Sale in California (CA)

Horses for sale in California are listed in Placerville CA, Palmdale CA, Salinas CA, Orland CA, Norco CA, and 970 more cities in California. Please use the drop down box below to browse all horses for sale in California.
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PhotoHorse NameForBreedGenderYrsStatePriceDate
Arabian Stallion for Sale in CaliforniaPronoveous CASaleArabianStallion0CA$60,00012/28/14
Pony Gelding for Sale in CaliforniaChasing PerfectionSalePonyGelding12CA$10,00006/16/14
Friesian Gelding for Sale in CaliforniaBenvitovenSaleFriesianGelding6CA$4,50011/16/13
Friesian Mare for Sale in CaliforniaLark's Leap of FaithSaleFriesianMare8CA$18,00009/05/13
Tennessee Walker Stallion for Sale in CaliforniaDelite's Qualified Pusher SaleTennessee WalkerStallion16CA$4,20005/24/13
Paint Mare for Sale in CaliforniaCita SavannaSalePaintMare13CA$50005/13/13
Quarter Horse Mare for Sale in CaliforniaShiners Zan A DoSaleQuarter HorseMare5CA$3,50001/10/13
Quarter Horse Mare for Sale in CaliforniaTHUMBLE LENASaleQuarter HorseMare12CA$5,00011/05/12
Quarter Horse Gelding for Sale in CaliforniaTonySaleQuarter HorseGelding6CA$1,50009/23/12
Miniature Mare for Sale in CaliforniaChristmas SpecialSaleMiniatureMare0CA$1,40009/17/12
Dutch Mare for Sale in CaliforniaTiramisuSaleDutchMare12CA$14,00008/15/12
Friesian Mare for Sale in CaliforniaAllbertaSaleFriesianMare4CA$3,00004/19/12
Andalusian Stallion for Sale in CaliforniaAndalusian StallionSaleAndalusianStallion8CA$004/17/12
Paint Gelding for Sale in CaliforniaZIPPOS COUNT ME INSalePaintGelding6CA$6,50004/14/12
Rocky Mountain Mare for Sale in CaliforniaRiddle's Hula BabySaleRocky MountainMare9CA$6,20003/16/12
Rocky Mountain Mare for Sale in CaliforniaA Parade Horse - KeirahSaleRocky MountainMare7CA$6,20003/16/12
Quarter Horse Gelding for Sale in CaliforniaDukeSaleQuarter HorseGelding9CA$8,50001/18/12
Florida Cracker Horse Gelding for Sale in CaliforniaDellaSaleFlorida Cracker HorseGelding7CA$1,50001/17/12
Rocky Mountain Mare for Sale in CaliforniaSatin Ribbon "Satin"SaleRocky MountainMare9CA$7,00012/26/11
Paint Stallion for Sale in CaliforniadakotaSalePaintStallion6CA$5,00012/03/11
5445 ads, showing 1 - 20 : next »

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