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Zesty — Horse for Sale in Athens, OH

Sorrel Quarter Horse Mare
ID: 359488

For Sale
Breed Quarter Horse
Gender Mare
Age 11 years
Year of Birth 2002
Height 14.2 hands
Base Color Sorrel
Registration Not registered
Location Athens, OH map
Price (USD) $1,200

Horse Description
Zesty is a 11 year old Quarter Horse mare. She is a rich sorrel with a LH sock and a blaze. She stands about 14.2hh.

Zesty is up to date on everything. She will tie even with a rope just draped over a rail and will stand quietly for fly spray and bathing. You can touch her anywhere and she picks up all of her feet very well. Tap the top of her head and she'll lower it for you down to your boots. She jumps right in a trailer and will either turn around to unload or back out like a pro. No vices. Great ground manners, she is not pushy at all. We keep our horses turned out almost 24/7 and Zesty does well with this arrangement. She is neat and mannerly in a stall, but will not be placed in a home where she only get a few hours of turnout a day.

When riding, Zesty is a barrel of fun! Even though she is short, she is a firecracker! Quiet, sensible, and steady, but a rider that knows how to cue her can get a quick stop, spin, and rollback! She is a fun little mare that would be great for trail riding, parades, or even low-level reining. She moves like a little cow-horse. She is short but built like a bulldog. She was ridden in the Ohio University Homecoming Parade, which is not exactly calm and quiet. Drunk college students, dogs, balloon floats, fire trucks, marching bands. . . she handled it all like a pro!

I have had a bunch of calls on Zesty asking if she was a beginner horse. I tell people no, and this is why. Someone has taken the time to train Zesty and keep her light and responsive to the rider's aids. Beginner riders tend to be sloppy with their legs/hands, even when not meaning to. They may squeeze with their legs to try to balance, and Zesty is going to respond and move off. If they bounce on her back at the trot and chop her in the mouth with the bit, she's going to stop immediately and raise her head, confused. She doesn't do anything bad.. she's not crazy... she just gets frazzled if a beginner rider is pulling on the reins and kicking at the same time. Some horses can ignore it, others can't. That being said, a rider that can control their arms/legs is going to have a blast on her, because she is so responsive. She is a great horse and tries to please her rider no matter what.

Zesty was rescued from a kill pen at Sugarcreek. What an amazing horse like this was doing there I will never know. To ensure her soundness, he has been seen by multiple veterinarians, a chiropractor, and a farrier. Her level of training has been fully assessed by us. She has now been given the "all clear" to find a new home. We rescue horses regularly, and would keep her for ourselves if it didn't mean taking up space for another rescue to come in. This gal deserves a good life- she really is a handy little horse! Zesty will be sent with a trial period to ensure that the home is a good fit. Sound and sane, guaranteed! We will give special consideration to 4H kids. Serious inquiries only.

Here is the link to her short YouTube video:

No dealers or crazy people please. For more information/pictures please call or text (740)707-0793.

This listing expired on Nov 11 , 2013