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Horses for Sale in Connecticut (CT)

Horses for sale in Connecticut are listed in Ashford CT, Stamford CT, Granby CT, Meriden CT, Bristol CT, and 232 more cities in Connecticut. Please use the drop down box below to browse all horses for sale in Connecticut.
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PhotoHorse NameForBreedGenderYrsStatePriceDate
Draft Gelding for Sale in ConnecticutHughy-PRICE REDUCEDSaleDraftGelding10CTSOLD!11/17/06
Arabian Mare for Sale in ConnecticutAmirazol-Al Marah Crabbet MareSaleArabianMare8CT$7,00009/11/06
Quarter Horse Gelding for Sale in ConnecticutJazzSaleQuarter HorseGelding15CT$3,50008/26/06
Other Mare for Sale in ConnecticutAccomp*ny MeSaleOtherMare5CTSOLD!08/01/06
Pony Stallion for Sale in ConnecticutTuxSalePonyStallion2CT$1,00005/15/06
Thoroughbred Gelding for Lease in ConnecticutNapoleonLeaseThoroughbredGelding10CT$010/13/15
Percheron Gelding for Sale in ConnecticutScout SalePercheronGelding5CT$2,00007/22/13
Morgan Gelding for Sale in ConnecticutAmberfield's Flicker (Toby)SaleMorganGelding8CT$1,50004/23/13
Quarter Horse Mare for Sale in ConnecticutTypical RubySaleQuarter HorseMare8CT$3,50007/13/12
Andalusian Mare for Sale in ConnecticutDiamondSaleAndalusianMare9CT$12,50007/03/12
Andalusian Mare for Sale in ConnecticutLa Mariposa GVFSaleAndalusianMare1CT$4,00006/22/12
Warmblood Mare for Sale in ConnecticutAkitaSaleWarmbloodMare9CT$20,00004/03/12
Shire Gelding for Sale in ConnecticutAceSaleShireGelding11CT$8,00011/28/11
Quarter Horse Gelding for Lease in ConnecticutBearcatLeaseQuarter HorseGelding19CT$32512/30/10
Warmblood Mare for Lease in ConnecticutLillyLeaseWarmbloodMare10CT$70010/12/10
Quarter Horse Stallion for Sale in ConnecticutRockwood Mocha BarSaleQuarter HorseStallion1CT$95008/14/10
Quarter Horse Mare for Sale in ConnecticutRockwood RoxanneSaleQuarter HorseMare1CT$1,50008/14/10
Hanoverian Mare for Sale in ConnecticutSavannahSaleHanoverianMare8CT$7,00007/26/10
Arabian-Cross Gelding for Sale in ConnecticutNicoSaleArabian-CrossGelding8CT$3,50006/25/10
784 ads, showing 21 - 40 : next »

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