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Tank — Horse for Sale in Athens, GA

Grulla Quarter Horse Gelding
ID: 138933

For Sale
Breed Quarter Horse
Gender Gelding
Age 5 years
Year of Birth 2002
Height 15.2 hands
Base Color Grulla
Registration Not registered
Location Athens, GA map
Price (USD) SOLD!
Quarter Horse Gelding for Sale in Georgia - Tank
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Horse Description

"Tank" fits this horse perfectly: the first day I got him, I
was so excited and telling my friend about him and all I
could say is "this horse is as wide as he is tall, hes
absolutely HUGE, hes like... a TANK" so that became his
name. I always wanted a grulla, and its such a
disappointment that I cant keep him due to financial

Tank is a true 15.2 grulla gelding. He has a silver/gold
body with a black mane, tail, and legs. Hes also got a
great dorsal stripe and tiger barring on his legs and
withers!! With three white stockings, he has all the
chrome to get you noticed! We literally cannot get off
the trailer before someone is remarking on his
extroadinary color and build. His neck is extremely wide
and well built, he has a cute little head with wideset eyes
and an intelligent expression. His withers and
hindquarters are truely indicative of his probable draft
cross. Indeed, we use a saddle with a 7" gullet and Id
actually recommend an 8". He just turned 5 and still has
his corner baby teeth to prove it. Though hes still young,
he tries extremely hard to please his rider. He can be a
bit "lazy" but not difficult to deal with, especially if you
own a pair of spurs (if you want speed, hes got it too,
you just have to really ask for it!). Last trail we went on
was a 4 hour ride with the Chattahoochee Trail
Association and he was the best behaved and best
looking horse out of the fifteen who went! (And that
includes my other two horses...) During the trail, I took
off my jacket and tried my best to spook him-- it didnt
work! Also, his feet are amazing-- no shoes needed
here! He was just trimmed last week and the farrier
recommended some hoof conditioner, but definitely no
shoes. We ride Tank at least four times a week because
he's so fun! All the guys especially like him for his size
and impression! My boyfriend has ridden a horse TWICE
in his life and both were on Tank! He completely
babysits if the person on his back can use a set of reins.

I would like to see Tank going to a home where his
potential can be met: hes an incredible young horse with
a TON more to learn! Watching him tuck his head and
canter across the paddock, I get the impression that
someone who knows more about dressage could really
turn him into something incredibly impressive in the
show ring. Pulling logs with him in the pasture definitely
gives me the idea that he'd be a wonderful calf roper,
and indeed he seems to enjoy chasing the cows around
the farm-- and has a stop to DIE for! just lift the reins
and be ready for it! Hes calm enough to do cowboy
mounted shooting, or barrels and poles without
getting "hot" or "stupid". He'd also excell in a trail class.
If someone just wants to trail ride him, and give him a
loving home, then thats okay too-- but he really has so
many other talents that are readily accessible and easy
to manipulate that it would be a shame to see them go
to waste.

Interested buyers are encouraged to come out to my
barn and spend the day getting to know Tank and riding
him over the terrain or in the ring. He crosses creeks,
wades in the lake, and EVEN SNORKLES (he dunks his
head up to his eyeballs in the lake and blows bubbles
out his nose-- its adorable). He chases my dog Hans out
of his pasture every chance he gets, but when hes being
ridden, its all work and he doesnt pay any attention to
him, even if hes running around barking (trust me,
we've tried). All my horses have been put through
multiple tests... they are all expected to behave
perfectly at my facility-- and Tank definitely coincides
with that requirement. I cant stop talking about him
apparently.. just come out, visit with him, and let him
demonstrate what he's got to offer. I love this horse,
and truly, I would rather not sell him. Unfortunately, Im
21 and trying to make closing costs on my first house
and my horses all have to go-- except the one Ive had
since I was 15 with a fractured hock. Call whenever: Im
always up doing homework or something. Im an animal
science (pre vet) major at UGA in my third year so Im
pretty busy with school but can meet to show a horse on
the weekends easily.

Barrel Racing Calf Roping Competitive Trail Dally Team Roping Draft

This listing expired on Apr 18 , 2007