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SOLD! Congrats to Abe! Brave: — Horse for Sale in Petaluma, CA

Black Canadian Mare
ID: 365575

For Sale
Breed Canadian
Gender Mare
Age 3 years
Year of Birth 2014
Height 15.1 hands
Base Color Black
Registration Registered
Location Petaluma, CA map
Price (USD) $3,500
Canadian Mare for Sale in California - SOLD! Congrats to Abe!  Brave:
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Horse Description

Congratulations to Abe of Salinas, Ca!

***UPDATE on Brave's Training and Progress***

December 20th, Day #20 of training:

Brave is coming along beautifully in her training.

She is exceptionally smart and willing to please.

Brave has been quiet and confident for "sacking out".

Comfortable and non-reactive when I introduced her to the sercingle, and will be ready for a saddle this week, followed in the next couple weeks by bridle, driving and starting under saddle.

She has the word "Whoa" down pat, when free schooling and "in hand".

Listens nicely to word commands when free schooling.

She is good with her feet and in the cross ties.

Excellent for grooming and handling.

Brave is super shiny, and is slimming down nicely.

All offers will be considered, as MUST SELL by the New Year.

Sacrifice price of $3,500

ATTENTION! All NEW wording, photos and videos!

*Better quality and brightness on this video*

Free School in Round Pen to music:

Brave is now in full training to sell with Clare and Clarity Performance Horse Sales, located at her beautiful new barn:

Equus Springs Stables, Eastside Petaluma:

This is the first time Brave has left the farm where she was bred, born and raised.

The first week of training has been fantastic!

Brave is gregarious, inquisitive, outgoing and friendly.

She is super sweet and smart, and tries hard to please.

She has already learned about the cross ties, and to be more responsive to lead and handle (she was a bit too pushy when she arrived).

She has learned the word "whoa" when leading and free schooling.

She is a super cute mover, more like a mini Percheron than a mini Friesian.

She will make a wonderful "all around best friend" horse.

Western, English, Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Driving, Trails, Parade, Search and Rescue, and/or Pleasure: all will suit her fine.

Pony Club would be great!

Trails will be super fun, especially bareback!

Training will be a cinch.

Brave will definitely be safe and fun.

She will be an excellent training project.

Perfect for a smaller Adult Amateur or Junior rider.

Brave is 100% sound, bred and built to stay that way.

No history of health or soundness issues.

She has a super conformation, looks exactly like a mini Friesian.

Great feet, should be able to always be barefoot.

Clean legs, no scars or injuries.

Exceedingly flashy and cute, fancy and adorable: somehow all at the same time.

Obviously, currently on the plump side, but we would prefer that to thin, yes?

Priced to sell at $3,500 Negotiable.

Free School in round pen with Clare talking:




More about Brave's breed:

Sire: Storybook Kurt Xtreme-Elite

Registered Canadian Horse

Registration #: 13419

Dam: B.X Blackjack Simone

Registered Canadian Horse

Registration #: 11832

The Canadian horse is a very rare breed, in the 1970's consisting of only 400 wordwide, and at other times, nearly extinct.

As you can tell by the description, they are very much like the Morgan and Andalusian: Strong, sturdy, smart, willing, extremely versatile and athletic:

From Wiki:

"Overall, the breed gives the impression of strength and agility. Their heavy and wavy mane and tail, arched necks and finely boned heads are all reminiscent of Andalusian and Barb ancestry.[4] Their trot is described as flashy. They are hardy horses and easy keepers. Today, most Canadian horses are used as riding and driving horses, and are known for their jumping ability.[1] They are seen in competition in almost every discipline, as well as for leisure riding.[5]They can also be found in light draft work, trail riding, and working as a stock horse.[6]"

Canadian Horse:


..."The Canadian horse has a rather short, high-set head with a broad forehead. The neck is arched and graceful, and the chest, back and loins broad and strongly muscled. The shoulders and croup are sloping, with a relatively high-set tail.

Most Canadian Horses are dark coloured: black, bay, or brown. A few chestnuts are found, occasionally with flaxen manes and tails. Their height averages 14 to 16 hands, and stallions average 1,050 to 1,350 pounds in weight, while mares weigh 1,000 to 1,250 pounds.

By the 1970s, the popularity of the breed had decreased significantly, and there were approximately 400 Canadian horses worldwide, with only around five annual registrations between 1970 and 1974.[12] Several interested breeders began a campaign of preservation and promotion, which resulted in a Canadian team winning the 1987 North American Driving Championships.[1] Popularity began to increase, and by the mid-1990s population numbers were between 2,500 and 3,000, and The Livestock Conservancy, which had classified the breed as "critical", changed its designation to "rare". With the increase in popularity came pressure for the breed standard to change to meet modern show and market trends, by breeding for taller horses with more refinement. In 2002, the Canadian Horse Heritage and Preservation Society was formed in response to these pressures, with a goal of preserving the original Canadian horse type.[12] ..."

Contact Clare:


This listing expired on Feb 4 , 2018