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Horses for Sale in Oregon (OR)

Horses for sale in Oregon are listed in Madras OR, Heppner OR, Creswell OR, Salem OR, Merrill OR, and 285 more cities in Oregon. Please use the drop down box below to browse all horses for sale in Oregon.
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PhotoHorse NameForBreedGenderYrsStatePriceDate
Miniature Stallion for Sale in OregonDear Hearts Micki FinnSaleMiniatureStallion6OR$60002/22/15
Quarter Horse Stallion for Sale in OregonPending RegSaleQuarter HorseStallion0OR$4,00007/07/12
Paint Gelding for Sale in Oregoncolor me remedySalePaintGelding4OR$12,50004/18/12
Paint Gelding for Sale in OregontoosmartfoirmyowngoodSalePaintGelding7OR$25,00004/16/12
Welsh Pony & Cob Gelding for Sale in OregonClanfair AutographSaleWelsh Pony & CobGelding4OR$5,50008/15/11
Haflinger Mare for Sale in OregonTeekaSaleHaflingerMare10ORSOLD!10/26/10
Pinto Mare for Sale in OregonLegacy's Lucky PennieSalePintoMare7OR$009/01/10
Paint Stallion for Sale in OregonWorld Champion Sired APHA ColtSalePaintStallion0OR$4,50006/03/10
Walkaloosa Gelding for Sale in OregonSecrets Nativ PrideSaleWalkaloosaGelding1OR$8,00002/09/10
Appaloosa Gelding for Sale in OregonDS Zippin to HeavenSaleAppaloosaGelding8OR$2,50012/21/09
Friesian Gelding for Sale in OregonFrisian Gelding(KENNY) AvailabSaleFriesianGelding4OR$2,50010/07/09
Appaloosa Gelding for Sale in OregonSmokeySaleAppaloosaGelding16OR$2,50008/25/09
Quarter Horse Gelding for Sale in OregonhorseSaleQuarter HorseGelding9OR$5,50007/28/09
Paint Gelding for Sale in OregonDocs Money Bag "Chance"SalePaintGelding4ORSOLD!06/11/09
Arabian Mare for Sale in OregonAmySaleArabianMare18ORSOLD!02/21/09
Other Gelding for Sale in OregonBucking HorsesSaleOtherGelding7OR$002/15/09
Warmblood Mare for Sale in OregonTutuSaleWarmbloodMare5OR$8,00001/17/09
Warmblood Mare for Sale in OregonGenevaSaleWarmbloodMare3OR$5,00012/22/08
Warmblood Mare for Sale in OregonFinestSaleWarmbloodMare6OR$8,00012/21/08
Paint Mare for Sale in OregonBejeweled JeansSalePaintMare3OR$8,90010/20/08
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